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Limited Edition Brush Set

12 brushes in each set with a handy carrying case to protect them in your travels.

Each of these brushes were hand picked by Kellie and brushes that she uses the most at her desk. Do you know which one is her favourite?

Black brush case boasts a metal zipper for long lasting durability. Case is not leather, and is designed for easy cleaning inside and out. It won't repel dust, but at least you can wipe it down.

Kellie chose these brushes for the shorter handles, longer metal ferrule and the softness of the bristles.  Each brush has Limited Edition printed in pale pink on Plum Brown Shimmer handle. 

Brushes are approximately 6in long from tip of bristles to end of handle. This means that when you are working close to your work, your brush won't get caught in your hair or bump your working lamp.

Brushes include:

3 Liner Brushes in different lengths

1 Round brush that works well for watercolour and painting techniques

#2 Oval  for more art work and larger Zhostovo painting or colour application on tiny fingers.

#2 Square for Colour Block technique or even colour application

#6 Square  for product application, colour application, top coat you name it!

#6 Oval for product application, colour application, top coat and more!

#4 Angle brush for french application and one move painting

#2 Cat Tongue for using 3D gels and art work

1 Mini Fan brush for pigment application, ultra fine glitter and gel polish ombre

Mini Scruffy Angle Brush use this for pigment fades and glitter application.


Great little brush set for travel or for everyday.

There were a limited number of these brush sets made, so once they are gone...they are gone.  Who knows what might come next...Kellie is always up to something.