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V.Art Metallic Decor

Stunning Metallic Nail Art design all the way from St. Petersburg Russia!

As always thePINKchair is pleased to offer these one of kind adornments for nails.

V.Art Metallic Decals makes creating beautiful nail art a breeze.


How to use them:

1. Apply to a finished nail, lightly buffed if using gel or acrylic and polish must be dry for decal to adhere properly.

2. Some of the decals have small areas because of the detail, V.Art recommends removing them with a needle or similar tool (the Nail Art Needle from Crystal Nails works great for removing these).

3. Gently remove the decal from the backing using tweezers.

4. to adjust the size of the decal to fit the nail perfectly it is recommended to use nippers, because of the metallic element of these decals, you may want to use an old pair as they may dull from cutting the metal.

5. Apply the V.Art Decal and top coat as usual.  As with many types of nail art embellishments, sometimes two layers of top gel, or a thicker top gel work the best.

Use your imagination, so many design elements and ideas!