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Customer Letters

"I am so very impressed with how quickly you shipped this last order out. Thank you so very much, I really appreciate it! Being up here in the north of bc it always seems to take forever to get my orders lol. I get so excited that I get slightly impatient, okay, maybe more than slightly ! 😉.

Maybe one time I will get the privilege to meet you in person! Do you go to any of the many trade shows we now have? I'm debating Nail Masters again, but not competing like I did last year. We'll see tho! Anyways, thank you again for everything, I hope you have a fabulous week! ❤️❤️❤️"

"Hi Kellie! I just want to thank you again for the super fast shipping etc! I swear this is the fastest I have ever gotten anything! Plus I absolutely love the packaging!!!"

About Crystal Nails

Crystal Nails is an internationally recognized and well-loved brand and for good reason. Beautiful colours, innovative techniques and quality tools and products combined with cutting edge style and science has created a product line like no other.

Nail artists around the world count on Crystal Nails to lead nail fashion and we consistently deliver. Since our inception, we have created award winning products:

In Europe, America and Africa, we are the leaders of Nail Fashion and, as we grow and develop our products, more and more nail technicians and artists are flocking to Crystal materials, developed by top engineers and winners of professional world competitions.

Crystal Nails works only with professional and experienced nail technicians to act as distributors for our product and spokespeople for our brand. At Crystal Nails Canada, we strive to continue building the international brand with distribution across Canada, education for nail technicians, educators and sub-distributors and excellent service to ensure your product delivery is as enjoyable as using the Crystal Nails product.

world championships
gold medals at the london nailympics
other international competitions worldwide

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