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011 Silky Grey Magnetic Gel Polish by 2MBEAUTY

Silky Gray Lacquer Gel that has a special effect quickly and easily with the magnet . On the nail surface, the strip of light travels, giving it a truly special kind of tiger eye effect on the nail. Use our magnets and make more creative, more creative nail decorations. 

It's easy to use. After the preparation andpriming of the primer gel lacquer , hold the magnet as close to the nail as you can for a few seconds (5 seconds) before the second layer of the selected Magnet gel lacquer is bound, and after the pattern has come to light. Use any of our gel lacquer lids to cover . 

Attention! Shake well before use to ensure that the shimmering particles are perfectly mixed. 

The bonding time in the UV lamp is 2-3 minutes and in the UV / LED lamp 0.5 - 1 minute. (Binding time depends on lamp performance.)