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117 WOOW Gel Polish by Egoista

WOOW - UV LED 9 FREE Gel Polish.

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly (9: Made of natural resin, good tenacity, healthy ingredients, low odour, no harm to skin.

Medium consistency, flexible, durable, soak-off gel polish. Cures perfectly in a UV or LED lamp, no scratches, or shrinking. Soft, instant self-levelling formulas will ensure even and effortless coverage

The flat brush adjusts beautifully to the arch of the nail plate, ensuring precise and even application. The matching coloured bottle is aesthetically pleasing and spruces up your salon, and also makes it easier for your clients to choose a colour.

Recommended cure time LED 30 seconds, UV 90 seconds. But there is no such thing as over-curing with our polish.

Also fabulous for gel art. We just can't say enough about it!
10ml / .34oz