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Free Shipping over $200 (restrictions apply)

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3D Sculpting Gel by 2MBEAUTY

3D Sculpting Gel:

Highly pigmented, dense white decorative gel, with which we can shape really special 3D decorations on the surface of the finished nail. It binds to a fixed, does not flow and does not move, we can work with it for any length of time before binding.

Curing time in UV / LED lamp: 2-3 minutes, depending on the thickness of the material application. True, it is only available in white, but one of its positive properties is that it can be colored, so it can even be combined with other paint gels (Carving, Stamping, Fixation-free - NF). Be careful of the amount of gel added because if you add too much material, sculpting gel will lose its shape retention.