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Acrylic Basics Class - TBA 2022

This is a basic, or entry level acrylic class.

All of our classes are designed, and taught by a Saskatchewan Journey Person, and a (mostly) practicing tech of 17+ years.

This class is designed specifically to those who have experience doing another type of enhancement (most likely gel application) but have an interest in acrylic. We will ONLY be covering application process, as well as the science of both the liquid and powder systems.

Our focus and attention will be given to each individual student, and the skill they come to the class with.  At this time we will NOT be covering 3D work, or any type of art - this is a different class. But we will be covering things such as:

  • proper application
  • proper liquid/powder ratios
  • bits to use
  • the difference in powders on the market
  • the difference in liquids on the market

Class is limited to 7 students or attendees, a manual will be provided to those who register - along with the basic materials to successfully complete your class. Your list will be detailed, trust me!

When you leave our classroom you will have the skill and confidence to apply to this additional service. We always suggest practice after you leave our space and we encourage you to contact us for any questions, concerns or hiccups you may have. We love to hear back from our students.

 Your registration will include your class kit (value of $250+), and all products should you wish to continue using them will be available at our store.

This class will be using TRADITIONAL acrylic liquid. If you are sensitive or allergic to the odour please contact Kellie to arrange a different class

Kits will include the following

Kiara Sky EMA Liquid 16oz

Kiara Sky Powders in Clear, White and Pink  2oz

Acrylic Primer and Top Coat

Dampen dish

Acrylic Brush

Trial Size kits include smaller sizes of liquids (4oz) and powders (.5oz), and a student brush.