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Classic Clear Builder Gel by Egoista

Egoista Professional Builder Gels is the perfect choice for creating beautiful nail enhancements. The high quality and strength and no burning sensation is guaranteed. Egoista Professional Builder Gels will maintain their durability regardless of your client’s lifestyle. All Egoista Professional Builder Gels are extra strong, odorless and preserve client’s natural nail condition. Egoista Professional Builder Gels are custom crafted from only the highest grade of European & USA sourced ingredients, and offer a wide variety of colors, opacity and strength; allowing you to create the perfect enhancement for your individual client’s needs.


  • Strong Builder Product
  •   No burning sensation
  •  Easy and time saving application
  •  Odorless
  • Self-Leveling; will not run in to the cuticle
  • Medium viscosity
  • One Step System (no base or bonding required)
  •  No allergic reaction
  •  Wide range of colors (24)
  • Can be pinched
  • Cure time 60 seconds under UV lamp


  1. Prepare nails as usual. Remove dust. Apply Nail Dehydrator.
  2. Apply an Egoista Acid Free Primer with a semi-dry brush in a small amount. Be careful to avoid getting any on the skin.
  3. Apply a thin layer of UV Egoista Builder Gel in a rubbing motion and cure in the UV lamp for 60 seconds.
  4. Set the template alternately on each finger and lay out a thin substrate of the desired length and shape. Model the architecture of the nails with gel of the chosen shade. To create the arch, preload or pinch the gel for 7-15 seconds, depending on the lamp. Then send to the UV lamp for 60 second for the fully polymerization of the gel.
  5. Remove residual stickiness with Gel Cleanser.
  6. Perform phased sawdust with 180/240 grit.
  7. Apply an Egoista Super Shine Top Coat to add shine and protect against chipping and scratching. Cure for 30 seconds in UV/LED lamp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Clients Love This Gel

There is absolutely NO BURN what so ever with this gel. My sensitive clients love this gel so much. It is so incredibly clear as well. Highly recommend.