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Acid Free Primer by Crystal Nails

Completely acid-free, adhesion-promoting liquid that does not dry completely remains a sticky layer. Therefore, it should be applied thinly, because this sticky part will act as a double-sided adhesive between the nail plate and the material to be applied. If more of the acid-free primer is applied, this sticky portion will be a little thicker so that the material that adheres to it will not stick to the nail plate, so separation may occur. Excess should be removed from the brush around the neck of the vial or the brush should be wiped off with a dry paper towel so that no more amount is applied to the nail.


IMPORTANT: In the cold, Primers can freeze in the glass. This does not affect the quality of the material after thawing, but before opening it, be sure to wait for it to thaw and regain its liquid consistency , otherwise the brush will break !

Acid Free Primer is a more heat and light sensitive material and may turn yellow from filtered sunlight or UV light. The coloration of the material does not affect the other physical properties and uses of the product.