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GelLack Builder Base 2020 by 2MBEAUTY

Gel Lack - Builder Base 2020:

Renewed Builder Base! Thick, easy-to-use primer gel varnish. Due to its texture, it is also suitable for correcting small errors and making c-sheets. Excellent for minimal extensions (2 mm). Easy to release. Perfect for strengthening weak, damaged, fractured nails. All colored gels can be used under our varnish. Thanks to its special composition, it provides perfect adhesion and has a brightening effect. Thanks to the new, shorter, fine-fiber brush, you can work more precisely with the gel varnish. Use any 2MBEAUTY colored gel polish. 

It binds quickly. Curing time 60 seconds in UV lamp, 30 seconds in UV / LED lamp. 

In case of overbinding, we do not get a fixation-free surface! The colors can be applied to the remaining sticky surface without any problems.