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Free Shipping over $200 (restrictions apply)

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Nero Merlo I Brush by Crystal Nails

According to World and Olympic Champion Gabov Kovács, this became the best jelly brush in the world. Can't put down ...

Soft, natural-haired, high-quality brush with a rounded, tongue-tipped tip. Excellent for fine yet fast colored gel surface coatings. Due to its larger size, we can cover the entire surface of the nail with a colored gel in a few movements. Its special natural hair and its precise cutting, which ends at the edge when viewed from the side, allow us to fit the material as precisely as possible at the back skin fold and smile line and not to run into the skin.


The curved design makes it easier to create a smile line and a colored gel coating.

CN Tips:

  • After using jelly brushes , clean your brushes between 2 sheets of dry paper towel. The Cleanser polyakryl cleaning the brush dry out hair, so its use is not recommended. Only use it if the handle of your brush has become gel.
  • Before using for the first time, remove the adhesive thoroughly, then soak the brushed hair completely with a transparent building gel to the base. Then wipe the brush between 2 sheets of dry paper towel. This also removes the pigments from your brush.
  • For pigment-free building gels, keep a separate brush so you won’t stain your transparent materials.
  • For dark colors, light colors, pearlescent, and glittery materials, keep a separate brush so the colors won’t mix.