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She’s a Shady Beach, Pigment by thePINKchair

Shes’s a Shady Beach

Coral of course and named after my mom, just kidding, although she does love this colour because of the rosy shimmer it has and she is partial to earthier colours than bright. She’s a Shady beach is much darker than I’m Crushed, this pigments hits more to the coral side of orange. Think sandy beaches and pretty toes. Looks freakin’ fantastic next to some bronzed skin on your vacay.

On the swatch it was so easy to ombré. You can mix these pigments into gel or acrylic to enhance your current collection or create new ones.

I use pigments so much in all of my nail art designs, they keep forever and only the smallest amount is needed to have a big impact.

Pigments are packaged volumetrically, 5g pigment in 8g pot.

**prices are subject to change**