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Blossom Gel (CLEAR) by Egoista

Collection of  Egoista Blossom  Gel Polish a completely new trend in the field of color gels for design!

Used for the design of nails in the watercolor technique and allows you to get perfect drawings without much effort.

For blossom gel colors, we can use it as normal gel polish color, also can use it to do different nail designs

Blossom effect technique of execution:

1. Prepare the nail plate. Apply base coat/cure.

2.Apply a thin layer of any "B" series gel color/cure

3. Apply the second layer of the "B" series gel and don't cure, for now, use any "A" series gel color to do the painting, wait for it to blossom on the nails, then cure in UV/LED Lamp.

4. Apply top coat/cure.