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Hello there!

Welcome to thePINKchair!

Let's talk a little bit about how this whole thing came to be.

Did you know that Kellie is a Saskatchewan Journey Person Nail Technician? Yep she is, she took the plunge in 2017.  But before that...

She did time in a few administrative positions, but her favourite job, was in International sales and online training. Kellie travelled throughout the Southern United States sharing her knowledge and helping people elevate their businesses using the online tools that were, at the time, just becoming available to them. Yes, this was back when websites were very elementary and email was just becoming a big thing. She gave up that position in 2006.

Kellie was already on the slippery slope, having her nails "did" by a fantastic tech in Saskatoon.  So after a couple of years being pampered, her tech decided she needed to travel the world and fulfill her own dreams.  Kellie's mom and aunt also enjoyed the luxury of having the same nail tech, so when she announced that she was leaving, they panicked!  After a considerable amount of whining and bribery by her mother and her aunt, Kellie decided to adventure into the world of nails. First it was a hobby, a side hustle... but it was too late. She finally purchased her first salon in 2006, where she worked full time behind her desk, covered in dust and glitter, until 2014. And she loved every single minute of it. 

In 2014 she had to close her salon as her husband (let's call him the Visa Police or VP for short) was transferred to Moose Jaw, SK.  Kellie and the VP were discussing options for her after they moved.  It was decided that she would take some additional training and fulfill her ambition of teaching others to love nails the way that she does. Off to California she flew - where she attended training and testing with the Crystal Nails Team. 

Kellie decided, that if she was going to be teaching with Crystal Nails it made sense to bring the line all the way up to Canada.  She started with CN exclusively, and has slowly but surely she has added more and more brands to her little shop over the years.

Every single thing in thePINKchair web shop has been hand picked and curated by Kellie herself.  If you haven't noticed she is a little fussy, if she doesn't like it doesn't make the site. She believes you can't sell things to people if you don't have first hand experience with it.  So if you have any questions about the lines or products we carry, just ask!  We are always happy to help.