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Let's Talk About Gel Polish!

Let's Talk About Gel Polish! -

Hello and happy autumn everyone! 🍂

In this month's blog, I want to chat about gel polish. You're probably thinking "Kellie, what are you doing? Gel polish is old news!" but really, it seems as though gel polish is making a comeback! It turns out that it's far more versatile than we first thought, and more and more techs are using gel polish on more than just natural nails.

It can be tough to figure out where to start with gel polish, because there are so many different kinds out there! So, how do you choose?

Let’s Talk About Gel Polish!

Color Club Gel Polish by Ramona Hales at Trendsetter's Nail Studio

Things to look for when choosing your Gel Polish:  

a. Opacity - how many coats does it take to get full, even coverage?  

b. Type  - polish, gel, or hybrid (polish/gel combo)?  

c. Colour - there is an almost limitless selection of colours and different effects. Your imagination is the limit! 

d. Viscosity - too thick or too thin?  

e. Curing - does it cure in UV/LED?  

f. Removal - does it soak off easily if being used over natural nails? Does it file well?

Let’s Talk About Gel Polish!
CrystaLac Tiger Eye #6 

We put some of our favourite Gel Polishes to the test, based on these factors - here are our recommendations! 

Top Picks:

Color Club gel polish offers a pure gel option that we techs love! It's fully cured in 30 seconds under LED, and soaks off easily in less than 10 minutes using the acetone-free remover. Color Club is also great for art work (see Ramona's examples above!). The viscosity and opacity of this gel polish makes it easy to use for many styles of nail art. Also, did we mention that they have Halo Hues?

Let’s Talk About Gel Polish!Color Club Magic Attraction

Kiara Sky is also a pure gel option that wont shrink or wrinkle during application. And the best part is it doesn’t even need a base gel! Kiara Sky offers a huge selection of colours to choose from, including the ever popular Ombre collections and the just-released Mermaid holo collection.

Let’s Talk About Gel Polish!Kiara Sky Mermaid Collection

Crystal Nails offers over 300 colour options in gel polish, including some the best nudes you will ever see! As well, Tiger Eye CrystaLac covers perfectly in one coat and is easy to apply. We just received some super cool magnetic beads to create different patterns in your Tiger Eye! For best results, we recommend doing one finger at a time to lock in your perfect Tiger Eye effect. Check out the Prismatic and Chro/Me CrystaLac for some cool effects as well.

Let’s Talk About Gel Polish!Tiger Eye CrystaLac

Some final thoughts:

Gel polishes on natural nails offer more durability and flexibility than standard polish and your clients should expect them to last 7-10 days. 

But, when you use them over hard gel or acrylic enhancements, the possibilities are endless, and the durability is that of a regular hard gel colour.  When applying over enhancements, some techs prefer to put down a layer of acid free primer before applying the gel polish for better adhesion.

Personally, I have found that if I apply after I have finished filing my nails without using a buffer, the gel polish will fill in all those little grooves and give a flawless finish.  If you prefer to buff, make sure you haven’t buffed the surface too smooth, as this is where you might run into trouble with chipping or wear.

I can't wait to see what you all create with Gel Polish! Share your creations on our Facebook page, or on Instagram and tag #thepinkchairnailstudio - you might get featured!

Talk to you soon!

Kellie, Hazel & Oscar

Let’s Talk About Gel Polish!