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When in doubt...just add glitter

When in doubt...just add glitter -

I see it all the time in every group I am a part of.  So many girls love glitter but are not sure just how to use it to get maximum results.  I am hoping this blog post will help some of you our with your glitter woes.

As many of you know we have loads of glitter here at thePINKchair..  GlitterGasm Australia is one of our most popular lines, Tracy tests all of her glitters to ensure they won't bleed in Monomers if being used with Liquid and Powder systems.  So many custom one of a kind mixes come from Tracy and GlitterGasm, no two mixes are ever the same.

Listed below are some of our favourite collections:

Holographic Glitter

When in doubt...just add glitter

Fine/Ultra Fine Glitter

Chunky Glitter Mixes


There are a lot of ways to use loose glitter with gel.  I choose my application method depending on what kind of glitter I am using and what my design needs.  Fine/Ultra Fine glitters are the most common at my desk.  These are very easy to use. 

Fine/Ultra Fine Glitter : These are easily applied to a finish filed nail without risk of compromising the finished shape.

  • Finish file your enhancement, lay down a thin layer of clear builder gel or top gel (with tacky layer) and flash cure.
  • Using a gloved finger or a Scruffy Brush, apply your glitters to the tacky surface.  you can dip your gloved finger into the pot, or your brush.  I prefer to apply with a brush.
  • Using the Scruffy Brush gives me more control if I am wanting to do a simple fade or even a multi coloured glitter blend/fade.
  • Once you have you have your glitter placed how you like it, you can use a gloved finger to press down any of the little glitters that are sticking up.  and flash cure again.
  • Use a soft nail brush to dust off the extra glitters, quickly run your file along the edge of your enhancement to smooth it out. Proceed with your favourite top gel or another thin layer of builder gel.
  • Thicker top gels work well to encapsulate glitter.
  • if you choose to use a thin builder to encapsulate your glitter, then you will need to use top gel to seal the enhancement. 

quick tip :)  you can gently "rub" the ultra fine and fine glitters in with your gloved finger and create a beautiful smooth finish.  Depending on your choice of glitter (Solids or holographic) the effect is incredible.


Chunky Glitters & Mixes  :  These can be a little trickier to use, but the results are so much more dramatic!  These larger pieces are better buried in your design, especially if you are using gel as your medium.

  • Chunkier Glitters are better applied early and then your enhancement designed over top. It can can add some extra time to the removal but the effect of encapsulated chunky glitters is so pretty!
  • Always lay down a layer of clear or cover pink gel and cure.  I recommend this to create a buffer between the natural nail and the glitters.
  • Lay down a layer of clear builder, thin so you aren't adding extra bulk to the finished enhancement, DO NOT CURE
  • Using a dotting tool or the Scruffy Brush, place your glitter on the nail.  You can dip or sprinkle the larger glitters too.  If you choose to dip, then you will need to clean up the glitters around the cuticle area prior to curing. Press the glitters into place with your brush or a gloved finger to have them lay flat.
  • When you are happy with the placement, you can flash cure the enhancement to "lock" your glitters in place.  At this point if you want, you can add some of the fine or ultra fine glitters to fill in gaps left by the larger pieces.
  • Proceed with building your enhancement.  Pay close attention, sometimes the larger pieces can create little gaps and sometimes a bubble will appear in your gel.
  • Finish file your enhancement, buff and apply your favourite top gel to seal.

quick tip :)  you can use a dotting tool to pick out specific pieces of chunky glitters to fill in holes or create designs or elements in nail art.

Glitters are so much fun to use and the possibilities are endless!  Don't be afraid to mix your mixes to create new ones!  If you create your own mix using glitters from thePINKchair be sure to tag us @thepinkchairnailstudio and tell us what you used #thepinkchairnailstudio #mixmaster 

Remember when removing glitters that sanding bands and diamond bits can pack in with the the glitters, I always recommend using a carbide to remove glitters.  Carbides will "shave" off the products and glitters quickly and produce less friction.

Thank you for reading!  If you have any questions or ideas for upcoming blogs, please email me at

Take Care!

Kellie , Oscar & Hazel

When in doubt...just add glitter