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01 Flame Magnetic Mini Gel Polish by 2MBEAUTY

Gel Lack - Magnet Flame 01:

Summer red Gel Lack with special reflective glitter, thanks to its light coverage, it glows impressively and can be magnetized very easily.

It is very easy to use. After  preparation  and application of the primer Gel Lack , before applying the second coat of the selected Magnet Gel Lack color, hold the magnet as close to the nail as you can for a few seconds (5 seconds) and once the pattern is out you can light it. Use any of our gel polish toppers as a cover . 

Both layers can be magnetized for a more intense effect. 

Attention! Shake well before use to mix the shimmering particles perfectly.

Curing time in UV / LED lamp 0.5 minutes. (The setting time depends on the lamp power.)