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2021 Smart Natural Builder Gel by 2MBEAUTY

Smart Natural Gel - 2021 Limited Edition:

Great texture! Beautiful color! Quality work! The newest member of the Smart gel family. Natural Nude Pink Nail Bed Extension Gel. Ideal for modern artificial nail building techniques. Due to the medium-density consistency of the pudding  , nail bed elevation can be made with it in two steps. The shape formed certainly does not flow prematurely. Until the perfect nail shape is achieved, we can shape the gel before putting it in the lamp.  Due to its shape stability , they are a great help for novice professionals even in the summer heat, and experienced artificial nail builders can also build extremely shaped, extremely bent nails with it in record time. It also binds in a thick layer. It has no heat sensation and therefore does not burn in a UV lamp.

Due to its pigmentation, the setting time in a uv / led lamp is 2-3 minutes.
Always adhere to the setting time appropriate for the performance of your lamp.

Size: 15ml