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#9 Gel Polish Color by Egoista

Gel polish soak-off gel polish color.

  • medium consitensy
  • confortable brush
  • self leveling
  • cures perfectly in a UV (2 min) or LED (30 sec)  lamp, no scratches or shrinking
  • highly pigmented colors
  • 3 steps aplication

How to use:

  •  Prepare nails as usual. Remove dust. Apply Nail Dehydrator.
  • Apply an Egoista Acid Free Primer with a semi-dry brush in a small amount. Be careful to avoid getting any on the skin.
  •  Apply a base coat , align the nail plate if necesary.
  • Apply gel polish color, cure LED- 60 sec. UV - 2 min.
  •  Apply  Egoista Super Shine Top Coat to add shine and protect against chipping and scratching. Cure for 60 seconds in UV/LED lamp.