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Poly Polish by T.E.N

Poly Polish is Kellie's go to when using chromes and pigments.  I promise you that if you put this over top of your chromes or pigments it will virtually eliminate chipping!  I have sworn by this for years!  It is so strong and durable but yet has nice flex (this is what stops up the chipping).

This product is one of TEN's line up of gels all in the SAME family.


We bring you a one-step gel with unlimited options! This gel has the ability to create just about any gel colour you can imagine and has NO dispersion layer like all our other gels, just cures to the touch. Create your OWN customized gel polish.  


Mix with your acrylic paints to create a specific look your after  -Use as a Gel Paint.  Use to mix your additives in. Poly Polish allows you to create a beautiful opaque colour by adding more pigment  without the gel becoming to thick. 

Size: 60ml