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All I Want for Christmas is ... Decals!

All I Want for Christmas is ... Decals! -

Hello everyone!

In this month’s blog, we’re going to be talking about V. Art Decals! I stumbled upon these fantastic little guys a few months ago while surfing the internet for new things.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I just had to bring them in (all the way from Russia!).  

V.Art Decals are so easy to use and they create stunning nail art in seconds.

We currently have two different style of V. Art available on the site.  The metallic décor is available in 22 different designs and in both Gold and Silver metallic. Our newest additions are these cute Christmas Designs.

All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!     All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!

Winter 1                                           Winter 2

The second style of V.Art  is the reusable stencils.  I have been using them with all of the pigments in my arsenal, and they make adding quick easy designs a breeze.  Also, as long as you are careful with them, and clean and store them properly, they are definitely reusable!

All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!    All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!   All I Want for Christmas is... Decals! 
Snowflakes                                   Sweater                            Winter Scene

Here are a few examples of some tips I did so you could see a few different ways to use them.

Example #1:

All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!

Here I used the Metallic Décor over a finished nail.  These Metallic decals are so thin, and they cover easily with your favourite top gel.

I prefer to buff the surface slightly, and cap.  You can easily add more details using the 0 Short detail brush.

Lots of fabulous and edgy designs are also available.

Example #2:

 All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!

To use the reusable stencil with pigments, follow these simple steps:

  • Finish your enhancement, buff and apply your favourite tack free top gel, cure for 30 seconds.
  • Carefully apply the stencil, making sure there are no gaps or wrinkles around the design.
  • Gently buff the pigment into the design area of the stencil

Example #3:

All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!

I used Livewire from Social Claws over Crystal Gloss from Elite Beauty Supplies

  • After you have buffed the pigment into the design, using fine tweezers, gently remove the stencil.
  • Now your design is ready for top gel and the addition of your artistic flair.
  • Top coating before adding embellishments is recommended, keeps the delicate pigments covered and in their place.
  • I added a simple star from “Star Bright” glitters to the top of this tree
  • This easy design took less than 5 minutes. The hardest part is really picking which one to do!

And if you're feeling adventurous...

All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!

This design is called call “deep”. It’s derived from Russian, but loses a bit in translation, because this effect is definitely so much more than that! This type of design takes a little longer, but the effect is totally worth it!

  • Embed your chosen glitter over the entire nail, and buff/file to shape the surface smooth.
  • Apply the stencil of your choice.
  • Using gel paints, blend/ombré your colours together, slightly covering the stencil.
  • Using the nail art needle or pointed tweezers, carefully remove the stencil.
  • Cure your design for the manufacturing-recommended time.
  • Top gel to finish the look. I added a little extra splash of glitter to this one just for fun.

This is really just the beginning of all the ways you can use V.Art decals! There are hundreds of effects you can create - only limited by your imagination and supply cupboards 

So now, because it's Christmas, we're going to be doing a giveaway. If you use V.Art for any of your clients in the month of December, post it on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag #thepinkchairXmas2017. You'll be entered to win one of each of the new sets of Christmas V. Art designs! Each tag is one entry, so get decorating!

I know you guys will come up with lots of other ways to use the decals and stencils.  We would love to see them!  Please share the on our Facebook page, and tag us on Instagram. We would love to share your work!

As always, I’m here if you have questions. Talk to you soon!

Kellie, Oscar & Hazel

All I Want for Christmas is... Decals!