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3s153 Orange Cocktail Gel Polish by Crystal Nails

Orange Cocktail

The stunning, wild shades of summer have arrived, guaranteed to be your guests ’new favorites. Beware, it 's easy to fall in love with the exciting color scheme of the 3S153 Orange Cocktail, but if you prefer pink shades, the 3S154 Summer Tune will be your choice! The 3S155 Cyclamen is also worth getting, as it will be a great addition in the summer heat. The 3S156 Princess pink is a true Princess-matched CrystaLac that will enchant your guests in a glittery pink.


CrystaLac material provides the durability of colored gels with ease of varnishing. Creamy, flexible and soluble . It spreads softly and gently. It binds to sticky , so it has to be covered / fixed.


Curing in UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in LED for 1-2 minutes.


Used for natural nails.

The base gel for the material is Compact Base Gel , Compact Base Gel Plus , Base Gel , or Builder Base Gel .

Its top gel is Clear 0 / Top CrystaLac , Cool Top Gel Universal , Cool Top 4 Dark , Mattever Matt Top Gel or (for Easy Off Gel base) Easy Off Top Gel .