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Free Shipping over $200 (restrictions apply)

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3s160 Khaki Gel Polish by Crystal Nails

Nail art gel polishes with maximum pigmentation, tuned (also) for colored gel polish decoration

Dense, high pigment content, perfectly covering in one coat, soluble 3 step CrystaLac, specially developed for painting and decorating with gel polishes . In addition to 10 basic colors, it is now available in chocolate (S011) and greyish blue (S012). The SENS 3G polish color family can be mixed with any other, so you can easily create nail art patterns using the desired shades. We recommend Sens by Crystal Nails '3G Polish' CLEAR to dilute them .

They can also be used on a solid surface, unlike the usual technique: we do not apply the material to the nail with the brush, but rather apply a little material to the surface with “scratching movements” to cover it with the given color in the thinnest possible layer. Due to their strong opacity, it is not necessary to apply them in two coats .

Due to different monitor settings, the color seen in the image and the actual color may differ.

Curing in UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in LED for 1-2 minutes.


We recommend tying them in a strong LED lamp with a longer setting time per finger (this is especially true for S007 black).