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Free Shipping over $200 (restrictions apply)

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3s75 Argentine Tango Crystalac Gel Polish by Crystal Nails

The result of serious years of research and development is CrystaLac: this coloured material provides the durability of coloured gels with the ease of varnishing. Creamier texture, flexible and soluble. It spreads softly and gently, it also binds completely to UV or LED light - no damage or scratches.


Curing in UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in LED for 1-2 minutes.


Used for natural nails.

The base gel of the material is Base Gel , Color Up Base Gel , Cover Pink Base Gel or Cover LightPink Base Gel . Clear 0 / Top CrystaLac ,  the Cool Top Gel , or if you nail strengthening the Easy Off Top Gel .