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Diamond Nail Drill Bits D-53, shape cylinder; head size 1.8x8.0 mm


The Diamond Nail Drill Bits Shape Cylinder, combining precision, versatility, and durability, crafted for impeccable manicures and pedicures. Available in three distinct variants:

Fine (Red): ideal for:

  • Removing the gloss of natural nails and preparing for the buildup of acrylic nails;
  • Treating pterygium;
  • Gently raising non-adjacent cuticles;
  • Safely opening sinuses.

Medium (Blue): recommended for:

  • Correcting the free edge of the natural nail plate;
  • Lifting and removing cuticles;
  • Polishing periungual ridges;
  • Preparation of the nail plate for coating;
  • Cleaning the nail wall.

Coarse (Green): perfect for:

  • Removal of part of the nail plate;
  • Creating an arch under the nail;
  • Treatment and removal of corns and calluses;
  • Treating surface cracks.


To ensure the longevity and hygiene of your tools, follow these essential post-procedure steps:

 Wash, clean, sterilize, and dry all bits used during the process.

Utilize a solution with at least 70% alcohol for effective disinfection.


 Speed Recommendation: Up to 25000 RPM

Shank Diameter: 3/32”

Length: 45mm

Head Dimensions: 1.8x8mm

Bit Shape: Cylinder

Material Head: Diamond

Material Shank: Stainless Steel


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Diamond Nail Drill Bits D-53, shape cylinder; head size 1.8x8.0 mm


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