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Easy Press on Square Nail Tip (120PCS) by 2MBEAUTY

Easy Press On Nail Tip Square - 120 Pcs Tip:


Beautifully shaped artificial nails with ease! Speed ​​up your salon work with the new Easy Press On builder tips. The material of this type is different from the traditional "glue" types. The new Easy Nail Form is made of a softer and more flexible material. You can use any of the denser primers Base GelLack as an adhesive. You can also create the length and shape of your nails in a matter of seconds with both a file and scissors. 


Use step by step:

1. Prepare the nails and then use Bond on the natural nail plate as well. 

2. Select the appropriate tip type. 

3. Grate the inside of the tip, fluff it up.

4. Apply a thin layer of GelLack Base to the nail plate (but it can also be on the inside of the tip)

5. Press on the surface of the nail plate starting from the cuticle. It is important not to miss any part where air bubbles can get inside. 

6. Knit (1 minute)

7. Grate into a shape and then matte the surface of the tip. 

8. Apply the selected GelLack color and seal with Top Coat. 

Packaging: One box contains 120 tips in 12 sizes.