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Ice Builder Gel by 2MBEAUTY

Ice building gel:  ***UV CURE***

Based on the feedback from our customers, it is one of the most popular building gels, which is perfect for filling ingrown artificial nails. A dense artificial nail building gel, which due to its self-leveling properties can be a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced artists

. It is very easy to disperse on the surface, but still retains the built shape. Thanks to the blue colour of ice, it makes the nail bed full of life and the white more spectacular. Excellent for construction, charging, provides extra good adhesion . There is a slight sensation of heat depending on the individual and the lamp.

Recommended for SL length nails.

The setting time of Ice building gel is 2 minutes in a UV lamp and 1 minute in a UV / LED lamp.
Attention: LED lamp does not bind!
Never forget to adhere to the correct setting time for your lamp, as this is the only way to achieve a perfect end result.

Before you start building artificial nails, don’t forget about the preparation. Use preparation fluids before construction .

Size: 50ml