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Mini 3D Acrylic Brush by Crystal Nails

High-quality, porcelain decorative brush with natural hair, flattened, pointed tip . Its hair is 8mm long and 4mm wide. The shortest haired porcelain decorative brush for precise design of the smallest patterns.

Precisely cut hair puts a needle-precision tool in your hand. 
For fine porcelain patterns that require greater accuracy.

CN Tips:

  • You can use the Mini 3D porcelain decorative brush for gel painting and even acrylic or watercolor painting. Keep a separate Mini 3D porcelain decorative brush for porcelain, gel, and water-based paints (acrylic, watercolor). You can’t use either a porcelain or gel brush for water-based paints, and vice versa, so each technique requires a separate brush.
  • Before using for the first time, thoroughly remove the adhesive from your brush, then soak it in clean liquid and squeeze out any air bubbles. This can significantly increase the life of your brush.
  • Clean your porcelain brushes in clean Liquid after use, then store on dry paper, wiped dry, with a point-to-point tip, upside down or laid down. Otherwise, Liquid may release the adhesive on the handle of the brush, which will discolor or yellow the material.
  • Use a deep, double-walled Liquid holder jar so that the tip of your brush does not touch the bottom of the jar. This will protect the tip of your brush and allow you to absorb more fluids. The double-walled heat equalization crucible provides the optimum temperature to achieve the correct setting time.