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Free Shipping over $200 (restrictions apply)

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R125 Mud Therapy Royal Gel Paint by Crystal Nails

The shades of this year's most fashionable Royal Gel in the earthy colors reinforce the natural line. The blurry clouds are thrown away by the absolute feminine R124 Almond Pink, the stylish R125 Mud therapy or the autumn trend color of 2018, the R126 Khaki. Chocolate and caramel shades are no longer merely a combination of sweets, and combine the R127 Honeysuckle with R128 Silky Chinchillas. Try the more natural version of the purple, the R129 Bloomy figs!

It's no coincidence that the Royal Gel is surrounded by unrestrained enthusiasm every season, since it is not only easy to work with them, but it is superheroes, and they are perfectly covered in one layer.

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