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R136 Fabulous Fuchsia Royal Gel Paint by Crystal Nails

It is impossible to choose a favorite from our Spring Royal Gel shades!Be feminine with the new R136 Fabulous Fuchsia, vote for confidence in the R137 Porcelain Pink, or just be cool with the new R138 Pineapple Sorbet.Start your day with the new R139 Tibetan Sea Buckthorn, wear the color of the year with confidence, the R140 Coral Coral, which fits perfectly with the new R141 Scorching Red.

It is no coincidence that the Royal Gels are surrounded by uninterrupted enthusiasm for every season, as it is not only easy to work with, but also super-loyal, and they cover perfectly in one layer.

Curing time inUV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes

They are highly pigmented, so they cover well in one (or two) thin layers.After knitting, the surface is dry and bright.If you want to further increase your luminosity or provide long-lasting light, you may want to useTop Seal LightGel,Easy Off Top GelorCool Top Gel.They can be used to color the entire surface of the nail.Because of their pigmentation, the Royal Gels are also well suited for decoration: either for slightly embossed surface decoration or for gel painting.

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