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Rubber Base Coat by Egoista

Egoista's Rubber Base Coat is a water resistant base coat that is slightly thicker in viscosity. It was designed for those who work primarily in water as nails that are over exposed to water for long periods of time can be a cause of lifting in a gel application. Rubber base coat is for those who struggle to get an application of gel to last on their nails, it is a highly durable product that doesn't disappoint when applied correctly.
It can be used under the application of any of our Gel or gel polish, as well as Tube Gel products for prolonged wear.

Egoista rubber base coat, entered the nail market, as hypoallergenic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amanda Genth
Love it

Best bonder gel I’ve ever had! It’s out of stock right now and I’m panicking

Rubber Base Coat by Egoista?

I am enjoying the rubber base. It has a nice consistency and is easy to apply as well as the flexibility to stand up to every day impact that nails experience.

richelle Greiner
Game changer!!

Great for a a client that is hard on their nails!

Amber Payment
I love rubber base for so many reasons!

The egoista gel system is the best that I have used in my 14 year career!!! Rubber base is easy to use and helps all the other sticky stuff stick together ☺️

Sam Kearns
Best base coat ever!

Never have any issues with this product. Never chips