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Shimmer 002 AcrylPro by 2MBEAUTY

2MBEAUTY Acryl Pro Gel is also known as acrylic gel, polygel and many more. Revolutionary new material that combines the best of gels and acrylics. The control and elasticity of gel with the sculpting properties and strength of the acrylic. Acryl Pro Gel acrylic gel makes it easy to create fast, durable, perfect nails! It allows faster salon work, allowing you to increase your number of guests. Try the latest sensation in the nail industry! 

What you will love:
  • Dense, gel-like, but still very easy to work with.
  • It is suitable for strengthening my nails, built-in nails or tip techniques.
  • It is packed in tubular form and can be used without any loss of material. You just take the spatula as much as you really need.
  • It's amazingly easy and fast to shred.
  • It is odorless, because of the use of Cleanser, it has no unpleasant smell like liquid Liquid used to build porcelain nails. Also, allergic reactions from the use of liquid can be avoided.
  • Due to its density and timeless formatting, you do not have to pinch it because it is stable, does not run and remains in place.
  • It is characterized by heat-free fast bonding. It also binds with UV / LED light.
  • It adheres perfectly even without the base layer; it is enough to use only the prep liquids.
  • Thanks to these super features, you can work quickly and easily, and you can really give the end result from your hands that you can be proud of. 

    Binding time in UV lamp 2 minutes, LED lamp 1 minute, UV / LED lamp 1 minute. Always observe the appropriate time for your lamp's performance. 

    Before you begin nail building, do not forget to prepare, as this is essential for nail-free, perfectly bonded nails. Use the preparation fluids before construction. 
Size: 60g