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Titanium Xtreme Clear Builder Gel by Crystal Nails

Transparent blue, medium thick , special XTREME builder

Most popular clear builder gel UV/Led system

Great gel for Technicians that are new to nail enhancements, and the preferred gel of many seasoned professionals.

Medium thickness, no heat spike! Excellent adhesion.

Thanks to a secret ingredient the gel does not flow, it stays where placed allowing for quick and precise work. Xtreme Titanium gel makes it easy to sculpt the perfect shape.

Use Xtreme Titanium gel for creating salon style nails, or stunning Xtreme shapes.

Xtreme Titanium can be pinched to assist with creating the perfect C-curve, we recommend pinching at 40-50 seconds in UV lamp and 15-20 seconds in LED lamp.

Due to its unique components it is hypoallergenic.

Cure time: 2 minutes in UV lamp, 1minute in LED lamp.

Brushes: a softer brush is recommended for Xtreme Titanuim gel application

Nero Merlo II Xtreme Gel Brush Gel #6

Preferred Product of Gabo Kovacs Nailympics Winner

**prices subject to change**

Size: 15ml