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Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit 4-4-6 Coarse; head size 6.5x15mm


The Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit, the epitome of strength, durability, and precision in nail care. Crafted from a metal alloy that surpasses traditional carbide bits by 10 times, these bits are a must-have for nail technicians seeking unparalleled performance and longevity.

Key Features:

Unmatched Strength and Durability: The hallmark of our tungsten carbide bit lies in their exceptional hardness and durability. The unique composition of the tungsten-infused metal alloy ensures longevity, providing a reliable companion for all your nail care needs.

10 Times Stronger Than Carbide Bits: Elevate your nail care experience with bit that are 10 times stronger than traditional carbide alternatives. This extraordinary strength adds a layer of resilience, setting our tungsten carbide bits apart in terms of both performance and durability.

Flute-Like Precision Cuts: What distinguishes our carbide bits are the flute-like precision cuts that enable delicate shaving of enhancement products without the risk of scratching. Say goodbye to common concerns associated with diamond bits as our precision cuts ensure a smooth and flawless nail enhancement removal process.

Versatile Grit Options: The grit scale of our carbide bits is determined by the flutes, offering a versatile range of options. Dip and large flutes deliver a coarse grit, perfect for quick material removal. Conversely, shallower flutes indicate a finer grit, ideal for intricate detailing and finishing touches.

Ideal for Acrylics and Gel Removal: Tailored for advanced users, our tungsten carbide bits excel in removing acrylics and gel enhancements. Whether you're a professional nail technician or an enthusiast seeking salon-quality results at home, these bits are designed to make your nail care routine efficient and effective.

They use:

  • for removing durable, artificial material: gel, acrylic, hybrid gel;
  • removing very hard skin;
  • for preparing very thick nails.


It's crucial to follow proper maintenance procedures after each client procedure to ensure the longevity and hygiene of your Diamond Nail Drill Bits.

Wash, clean, sterilize, and dry: thoroughly clean and sterilize all bits used during the process.

Use a 70% Alcohol Solution:

Ensure effective disinfection by using a solution with at least 70% alcohol.


 Speed recommendation: Up to 25000 RPM.

Shank diameter: 3/32”

Head dimensions: 6.5x15mm

Length: 42.5mm

Grit: Coarse

Bit Shape: Rounded Cone

Material:  Tungsten Carbide

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Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit 4-4-6 Coarse; head size 6.5x15mm


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